Pine Valley Lodge Home Owners Association

The  Pine Valley Lodge Newsletter is brought to you by the Pine Valley Lodge Board of Directors to keep our residents informed on a quarterly basis.

The Pine Valley Lodge has a Website!  Go to and check it out.  The plan is to have information about the Pine Valley Lodge that will be most helpful to tenants and owners.  The website has  information about the property; things like the Rules and Regulations, The Association By-Laws, the CC&Rs, Contact Information, Emergency Information, Online Forms, Parking Information, Dates of Meetings, Social Events, Hours of Operation for facilities, etc.  We’ll also have pictures and other important information for you to look at.  We hope this is helpful to you and would appreciate your feedback.

We want the Pine Valley Lodge to be a comfortable place to live for all residents of the Lodge.  The Board of Directors for the Pine Valley Lodge want to be  good stewards of the property.  With that in mind, we are here to look after the property in all respects:  Financial, Grounds Keeping , i.e. Landscaping, Maintenance, Rules and Regulations, and Fiduciary responsibilities.  Please do your part by volunteering or making suggestions if you ‘d like to, or just continuing to be a good neighbor.  We like our community and want to keep it serene and peaceful for all who reside here.  Thank you!

Pine Valley Lodge Newsletter Archive                                           (Look for the Latest Newsletter-listed below-Published Quarterly)

Mar 2010: Vol 1, issue 1                                                                                              June 2010: Vol 1, issue 2                                                                                                     Sept 2010: Vol 1, Issue 3                                                                                              Dec 2010: Vol 1, Issue 4                                                                                               Mar 2011: Vol 2, Issue 1                                                                                July 2011: Vol 2, Issue 2                                                                                     Pine-Valley-Lodge-News-September-Vol-2-Issue-3-2014                         Pine-Valley-Lodge-News-Vol-3-Issue-1-March-2015                                 Pine-Valley-Lodge-News-Vol-3-Issue-2-June-2015